A lot of designers and architects that we work with ask us about office furniture.  This is a market that we have not done a lot in, but the last few months we have been talking to different manufacturers and now have a great new range of office furniture.

If we can help with any office furniture then drop us a line, from chairs to ergonomic tables we have a huge range for you to look at.

An office is made up of people who realise the business processes of their company.

An office arrangement project that incorporates the work styles of different departments allows for improving the quality and dynamics of business processes.

Silentwork Quiet teams Creative teams Meeting and relaxation zone Socialzone Entrance zone

The right arrangement, which incorporates the work style of every department, helps locate particular teams so that those who require concentration are not disturbed by those who perform collaborative work. This kind of space arrangement will improve cooperation and facilitate decision-making processes.

Efficiency and quality of business processes.

How does an office aid in achieving efficiency and high quality business processes? Is it possible in practice?





Give your employees a more ergonomic workplace and the quality of the tasks they perform will surely improve.

Research carried out by Texas A&M Health Science Centre School of Public Health in a British call centre focused on measuring the productivity of employees who worked at traditional desks and those who worked at sit-stand workstations. After counting the amount of conversations held with customers, it was found out that the key performance indicator in the other group of employees increased from 27% to 53% within six months. Does it work? Yes, it does.

Is every working minute in your office used to the maximum?

When performing their everyday duties your employees encounter numerous problems that result in them wasting their time on unnecessary activities.

In a badly designed office employees can waste as many as 17 days a year.

What activities do employees waste their time on?

  • Looking for the right workstation
  • Searching necessary documents
  • Trying to concentrate

A good solution to each of these problems is the right office space arrangement combined with the right choice of functional furniture solutions.

No less than 53% of people admit to being disturbed by other colleagues when trying to concentrate